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Alusides Kaoutsouk

Alusides laimou, heriou apo Asimi 925 i Atsali Stainless Steel.

Oi hontres foriountai sketes, enw oi pio leptes apoteloun idaniki lusi gia na kremasete stauro i allo kremasto.  

Sto tha breite alusides laimou andrikes atsali sti Thessaloniki, alusides laimou andrikes hontres, alusides heriou andrikes kai kordoni kaoustouk gia to laimo!

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  • Material: Cord
  • SIZE: 50 cm
  • GENDER: Unisex
  • Men's Black Rubber neck cord 3... AN110
    Price €16.00

    Black rubber neck cord with stainless steel clasp.
    Ideal for hanging a cross or other pendant.
    Water resistant. Thickness 2mm

    3 pieces (3 cords)
    50 cm and 55 cm long.

    Note: Rubber tends to harden over time.

    Delivery: within 1-2 business days

    FREE Shipping throughout Greece!

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