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Andrika kosmimata, andrikoi stauroi, andrika brahiolia, alusides kadenes gia laimo, tautotites, mprelok, maniketokoumpa, money clip, kompologia, mpegleria

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  • Color: Gold
  • GENDER: Women
  • Men 's bracelet from...
    • -20%
    Men 's bracelet from stainless... BA179
    Price €25.00 -20% Regular price €31.25

    Men's Bracelet Stainless Steel ID Bracelet.
    It does not darken and keeps its shine.

    Width 7 mm. Length about 20.5 cm
    It fits in a normal or fine hand.

    * Engraving is charged extra *

    Products that need to be prepaid are:
    - by credit card
    - by bank deposit
    (not cash)

    Order by phone: +30 2310 531 382

    FREE Transports all over Greece!

  • Greek Komboloi with Cat Eye...
    • -20%
    Greek Komboloi with Cat Eye brown KO181
    Price €39.00 -20% Regular price €48.75

    Handmade Komboloi with Tiger Eye A 'quality, tied with a durable cord especially for rosaries.
    Bead size: 10mm
    Beads 21 + 1 at the end.
    Weight 38 grams
    Length 26 cm

    Wonderful handmade rosaries!

    Delivery: in 1 - 3 working days

  • Komboloi with Cat's Eye Orange... KO109
    Price €29.00 -15% Regular price €34.12

    Komboloi with Orange Brown Cat 's eye beads.

    Total: 19 beads and 2 beads on the finish.

    Bead size: 12mm

    Great combination of colors!

    One of the most beautiful worry beads!

    Delivery: in 1 - 2 business days

    Order & phone: 2310 531 382

    FREE shipping all over Greece!

  • New
    Thick neck steel chain two colors AN104
    Price €19.00 -20% Regular price €23.75

    Thick courmet neck chain, made of Stainless Steel, two-tone silver-gold. Sturdy and durable with a good safety clasp. It does not tan and retains its shine.

    Width about 7,5 mm
    Length 60 cm.
    Very modern thick neck chain.

    Delivery: 1-3 working days
    Free shipping!

  • Monterna hontri alusida gia to... BA354
    Price €19.50 -20% Regular price €24.38

    Monterno Andriko brahioli apo atsali, Stainless Steel.

    Fardos 1 ek. Mikos 24 ek.
    Tairiazei se ola ta heria

    Polu neaniko kai idiaitero brahioli!

    De maurizei pote kai diatirei ti lampsi tou!

    Paradosi: se 1-2 ergasimes meres

  • Komboloi with Tiger Eye KO100
    Price €39.00 -15% Regular price €45.88

    Panemorfo kompoloi me imipolutimous lithous Mati tis Tigris.
    Founta kai stoiheia apo Asimi 925.

    Sunolo: 19 megales hantres (12 mm) kai mia sto thureo.

    Ena polu omorfo k asunithisto kompoloi, me arhontiki founta!

    Paradosi: se 1-2 ergasimes meres


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