Idees gia Dwra

Protaseis gia Dwra

Monadikes idees gia kosmimata - dwra gia ta agapimena sas proswpa. Kante ena idiaitero dwro ston/stin agapimeni sas.

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  • Collection: 21 Beads
  • Komboloi with Amber pressed...
    Price €135.00

    Komboloi with amber pressed multi colored.

    Color: blonde basil and honey
    Bead size: 10, 12 & 12χ15 mm
    Total: 21 beads and 2 on the finish

    One of the most beautiful worry beads!

    It is accompanied by a guarantee and a gift box.

    Delivery: in 1 - 2 business days

    Order & phone: 2310 531 382

    FREE Transports all over Greece!

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