Kosmimata kolie gia to laimo


Nea kosmimata kolie gia to laimo.
Uperoha kosmimata apo Asimi 925, monadika neanika kolie kai perideraia gia oles tis wres kai diatheseis!

Stoliste to laimo sas me ena elegant kosmima pou tha xehwrisei!

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  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Collection: Letter
  • Collection: Offer -50%
  • Necklace with Agate Botswana and cord
    • -50%
    Necklace with Agate Botswana and... KL220
    Price €28.00 -50% Regular price €56.00

    Botswana Agate Gemstone Pendant with Silver 925.
    Comes with black rubber cord.

    Sizes: Pendant: 3 x 2.5 cm
                   Cord: 44-45 cm

    One of the most beautiful gemstones!

    Delivery: in 1-2 business days

    FREE Shipping throughout Greece!

    PHONE: 2310 531382
    MOBILE-VIBER: 6982390500

  • Kolie me kardia kai arxika ashmenio KL020
    Price €39.00

    Kolie Statement, Fashion Accessories.

    Monterno kai lampero Kolie pou tairiazei me ola!

    Paradosi: se 1-2 ergasimes meres

    Paraggeilete & tilefwnika: 2310 531 382

  • Necklace with heart and initials KL021
    Price €39.00

    Pendant necklace with original monograms and heart from Silver 925. Length about 43 cm. Made in all colors: silver, gold plated and rose gold.

    In a beautiful modern package, ready for a gift!

    Writef the initials you want in the comments of your order.

    Delivery: in 6-7 working days
    PHONE: 2310 531382
    FREE Shipping throughout Greece!

  • Yperoxi aplh kardia me smalto... MK134
    Price €29.00 -50% Regular price €58.00

    Mentagion kardia gia to laimo me apo Asimi 925.

    Apo tis pio omorfes kardies!

    Paradosi: se 1-2 ergasimes meres

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