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Stefana Gamou Leuka

White wedding crowns

Heiropoiita stefana gamou apo katharo asimi 925. Stefana gamou me antohi sto hrono - monadiko keimilio tou gamou sas!
Deite ta NEA stefana gia to gamo sas se hrwmata: Gold Mat, Lydia, Elli, Rose Mat

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  • Collection: Freshwater Pearls
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  • Stefana Gamou epargura dixrwma
    • -20%
    Stefana Gamou epargura dixrwma ST120
    Price €49.00 -20% Regular price €61.25

    Stefana Gamou epargyra dixrwma, ashmi - xryso. Sunodeuontai apo 2 karfitses petou!

    Ola ta stefana gamou ehoun eidiki epexergasia gia na mi maurisoun pote.

    Tha ta paralabete se ena omorfo kouti stefanothiki.


    Paradosi: se 3 - 5 ergasimes meres.

  • Stefana Gamou with pearls...
    • -20%
    Stefana Gamou with pearls silver... ST171
    Price €43.00 -20% Regular price €53.75

    Stefana gamou Wedding Wreaths made from Silver plated and pearls, tied with a wonderful ribbon. They have a special treatment so that they do not tarnish over time. Accompanied by 2 lapel pins for the groom & the best man, in a beautiful crown case!

    Very romantic stefana gamou!

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